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Fortune Key Financials mission is to provide each client with a Comprehensive Retirement Plan that ensure Building Generational Wealth using a host of Financial Assets and Resources to build the ultimate Retirement Portfolio. Our goal is to Consult and provide services to each individual at every level of their financial journey, personal and/or business. Our Focus is to provide ongoing support and educational seminars to help ensure families financial structures are restored and rebuilt to sustain Generations.

Our goals are to Consult and provide services to each individual at every level of their financial journey, personal or business, and provide on-going monthly support and educational seminars to help ensure their financial goals are well on their way to a solid foundation. We provide each client with a 5-Year, 10-Year, 15-Year, and 30-Year Wealth Plan, and thorough Quarterly

evaluations. FKF ensure each client are maintaining goals and growth in their daily cash flow
and retirement funds. Through expert consulting, strong alliances with other Financial Service
Companies, and Broker-Dealer Companies, we are able to ensure our clients with the Best
Financial Products on the market and on-going support for a lifetime.


Reunekiea Williams divine purpose is to provide a simple financial guideline for all walks of life and business owners to ultimately lead an entire Nation to Financial Freedom. As an Alumni of Georgia State University, Reunekiea has attain her Master’s of Science in Finance, and dual Bachelors’ of Business Degrees in Finance and Real Estate. Furthermore, she extended her knowledge base with a host of licensees, such as Securities License, Insurance License, and Real Estate License. She’s also featured in the “Woman of Wealth,” Magazine as a Young Entrepreneur who is more than just a business woman, but a woman of character, morals, and standards in hopes to be a light to other young woman. Through the proper education, mentorship, and
a solid spiritual foundation, she desire to lead a Nation out of poverty and into Generational Wealth. Understanding the true notion of how monies work, we can begin o manage funds properly, diversify our portfolio accordingly, and truly understand the concept of “allowing your money to work for you.” Many think the way to wealth is exchanging time for dollars, but truly it is “exchanging dollars for time.” So, ultimately, it is not about working for every dollar, but understanding the notion of having every dollar work for you!!

Your Financial Leader,

Reunekiea Williiams

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